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With ongoing coaching, encouragement and a little tough love, we’ll help you find the one for you.100% of our clients have passed a background check and in-person screening to ensure they’re honestly looking for a meaningful relationship.And if that doesn’t sound good, you're probably in the wrong city.

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In other cities I've lived in this never was a problem. There are SO many fascinating randos in Detroit--one of the best parts of living here, IMO.

I am encountering what you are experiencing here with people too.

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Here's why dating in Detroit is unlike dating in any other city...

, and everyone in Detroit knows everyone in Detroit so your next breakup has every chance of becoming a public fiasco involving overlapping social circles and people you only know through Facebook coming up to you at Great Lakes Coffee to ask you about it. Oh, you're originally from here, moved to New York, couldn't hack it there, and moved back here when the tide was high so that you could "make a difference" and "be a part of something," and "get in on the ground floor" of this "blank slate" city? Correction to the above first week of dating: Slow Roll on Monday, Tigers game Tuesday, etc.

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So I'd try and expand your dating app settings/bars you go to towards Detroit young professional suburbs Folks in Michigan tend to be reserved in general; with Detroit-extremely cautious.

I can site examples of people coming from states south of here who come up and have some gripes about the reception they get here, but it may have no relevance to this, and if it does, I'm not looking to fire up a war of the sexes. As a female, I've never been hollered at so much while walking around a downtown area.

Yes we have all of the various archetypes you'll find in every other major city -- hipster, tech bro, urban farmer/social activist, yoga pant-wearing socialite -- but if you're into any kind of "alternative lifestyle," Detroit has just the right kind of weirdo soulmate for you.