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In asking questions, you're also creating a dialogue.

When one person is just going on and on, and there's no feedback on the other end, things can go south fast.

You need to be on your toes and up for anything, but you also need to keep your faculties in check, because this person — even if you’ve chatted with them for weeks through an online dating service — is still ultimately a stranger.

It's a delicate balance of being open, and keeping your wits about you.

You have nothing to lose, because you're probably not going to date them anyway.

Think of it as a favor to their future first dates. If they do ask, be as honest as you're comfortable with, but be wary of talking smack.

In our opinion, true first date etiquette is all about putting your needs first in a way that has consideration and respect for the person sitting across from you.

Although old-fashioned first date etiquette will tell you to spruce up, be polite, and cross your legs, there’s so much more than that archaic nonsense.

While it's always a good idea to keep some things to yourself on a first date — especially in regards to your romantic past, but we'll get to that in a minute — when it comes to things that could possibly create problems while you're dating, you want to put that out there.

Encourage them to do the same, and you'll save each other a lot of time.

It may be rare, but sometimes total opposites do fall in love and make it.

Be open to the fact that the night could take you anywhere.

Here’s your updated version of first date etiquette — because even a jungle can have rules.