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In fact, they haven't even addressed the topic of evolution.

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large part of the reason why Creationist arguments against evolution can sound so persuasive is because they don't address evolution, but rather argue against a set of misunderstandings that people are right to consider ludicrous.The Creationists wrongly believe that their understanding of evolution is what the theory of evolution really says, and declare evolution banished.However, not only is life irrelevant to the 2nd law, but order from disorder is common in nonliving systems, too.Snowflakes, sand dunes, tornadoes, stalactites, graded river beds, and lightning are just a few examples of order coming from disorder in nature; none require an intelligent program to achieve that order.The origin of new species by evolution has also been observed, both in the laboratory and in the wild. Evidence isn't limited to seeing something happen before your eyes.

Evolution makes predictions about what we would expect to see in the fossil record, comparative anatomy, genetic sequences, geographical distribution of species, etc., and these predictions have been verified many times over."Evolution violates the 2nd law of thermodynamics." This shows more a misconception about thermodynamics than about evolution.The second law of thermodynamics says, "No process is possible in which the sole result is the transfer of energy from a cooler to a hotter body." [Atkins, 1984, The Second Law, pg.However, they neglect the fact that life is not a closed system.The sun provides more than enough energy to drive things.This is not a problem for evolution because evolution doesn't propose occurrences even remotely like that.