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That said, there would be no need for a brand of jeans called Not Your Daughter's Jeans if we hadn't pirated our kids' fashions (music, dance moves, hunky movie heroes).A great friend of mine and I are the same age exactly — which is to say, well and truly over 50.

My son and his girlfriend stared frankly when I tip-tapped down the stairs in my outfit, thinking I looked quite the bonbon. The joy of piling up a certain number of years is that you get the freedom to do whatever the hell gets you over the rainbow. They're not wearing those 18-inch-long leather skirts and off-the-shoulder peasant blouses for giggles. And though they're chicks, they're not spring chickens. "It would be a cuter dress," my son offered, not so generously but from the heart, "on her." Back in my closet, behind closed doors, and with a sober soul, I faced shelves covered in the garment equivalent of excessive chocolate.There is a wide variety of eye shadow shimmers available in the market which aren’t creepy anymore.Don’t hesitate to use little shimmer and try a new look.Alternatively, you can also wear neutral colors to cheat the lip line.

It would be wise if you mix little color in your lip gloss especially if you are over 50.Keep in mind that it’s all about visualizing yourself and feeling young at heart.It’s a no-brainier that fashion trends change with time and they cater to different needs, age group and people.Granted: Tacky is the whole point of The Real Housewives.It's like the nursery rhyme about the purple cow: You'd rather see than be one.Always keep in mind that there is a little girl hidden in every woman, so stay cool and keep looking stylish and trendy even after 50.