Middle aged dating crush

To say the least my initial impression was, 'Great, another pervy older man to deal with'. Then over the first week with him there, I started to see signs he liked me right from the start.

And that's when I noticed aspects of his personality that I liked. If he had something to get done, you know Kyle would get the job done. He was always the life of the conversation, teasing people and laughing. He started teasing me once he realized I could dish it back to him. Getting along with the guys in the office was easy.

We all teased each other and the work environment was super positive. The more we worked together, the more he showed signs his interest was growing. Once I was standing in the hallway talking to another employee and he joined in on our conversation.

After some time, I found we could have intellectual conversations about things like religion, meanings of life, politics, careers, really lots of different things and we'd both go on tangents but I loved how he challenged my statements.

I'd tell him my opinion and instead of being quick to agree with me, he'd really question why I believed that and kept me on my toes.

I'd still see him around the unit, and we'd still engage in our teasing but it wasn't as intense.

Then, I can't remember the exact time but things started changing between us.I tried to deny it, just brushing it off but I was starting to enjoy when he'd interact with me in that way.Shortly after that, work settled down and I worked less and less with him.There was lots of eye contact between us and I just shrugged this off.I was a young woman, and I just thought he was probably in a mid-life crisis, ogling the new 'hot young intern' (a typical cliched office situation, been there done that).After that initial deeper conversation, I actively sought him out and asked for professional advice, as well as life advice about random topics.